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Content Spinning SoftwareContent Spinning is a writing technique that allows you to produce content automatically and very easily when you understand the principle.

This method consists of paraphrase existing content to obtain completely different versions of it, written with different turns of phrase, expressions and words.

There are several content spinning software and tools but none allows you to do Good quality Content Spinning to do effective SEO, without losing too much time.

With, you can finally automate the writing of your "Spuns" and "Master-Spins" with our online software, our Wordpress plugin or our free and unlimited API !

With everything is automatic and unlimited

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We offer several licenses of our content spinning tool which all allow unlimited use of our features. From automatic content scraping, to the generation of texts, the creation of masterspins in French or English, the storage of your data,... EVERYTHING is Unlimited!

Even the use of our API is unlimited, so you can generate as much content as you want using the applications of your choice without needing to use our interface.

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Writing content for the web automatically is finally within everyone's reach

Our Content Spinning tool was created in 2006 by Nicolas Sotton, automation expert and SEO consultant, he designed the first version of the tool in order to duplicate content without "duplicate content".

To announce improvements to the functions of the tool and report bugs or collect opinions and suggestions for improvements, it has set up a free forum dedicated to the #ContentSpinning project.

The starting idea is simple, to do SEO you are always asked for content without duplicate content. So if you have a text and you replace expressions or words in each sentence, it will ultimately be different from the original text. But it may still contain Duplicate Content if you don't replace all the text. To remove duplicate content, simply write the same thing but with different words. It makes sense and it's simple to do, but very time-consuming and often boring.

Nicolas therefore had the idea of ​​recording sentences, expressions and words named "root" with their equivalents named "variations". Then he designed a Web interface that allows you to copy and paste text so that the computer automatically replaces the roots with variations.

Example of text formatted in Content Spinning:

Definition Content Spinning

Translation Content Spinning

The Web interface allows you to fill in a text, split it into several paragraphs and choose a synonym dictionary to replace. You have the choice between a French or English dictionary or Special content for adults. It also allows other adjustments such as case sensitivity and the type of root to use (root consisting of 1 word or more). But above all, by using the interface, your projects are saved in your online account and you can find them easily with simple internet access.

Screenshot of the Polymorph form

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Screenshot of machine learning form

Quick navigation between blocks of text

Our methodology is simple and behind each technical term hides a process that is very easy to understand.

The Polymorph Form allows you to Scrape or send content broken up into paragraphs, so each paragraph can have variations. (Polymorph = Many Forms).

Machine Learning allows you to teach the machine to be more relevant to best meet your expectations. We have simplified this process as much as possible to allow you to adjust the lexicon and knowledge of the machine.

The Layout & Analysis allows you to add media and layout tags in your Master Spins to vary your spuns even more before analyzing them to extract the most relevant.

Eliminate duplicate is the ideal solution for your directory submission content, your press releases and/or to feed your PBN. The idea is to preserve the meaning of your content while changing the semantic form to eliminate duplicate content from the content you publish on the internet.

  1. How to start well?
  2. Configure a project
  3. Polymorph Form
  4. Spinning Form & Machine Learning
  5. Formatting Form (or MFA form)
  6. Metric Analysis & Similarity Rate
  7. Download the Spun under Archive
  8. Import a private dictionary
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content spinning scriptDetails of the version available online here

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